Wine Bag - Great Hostess Gifts

Reusable wine bags are great hostess gifts for a bottle of wine. The best part? They're waterproof and you're helping the environment by giving recycled sailcloth a place to go other than the landfill! Breakwater Blue wine bags are handmade from recycled sailcloth, which is made from Kevlar and Dacron and therefore extremely sturdy. Since it's waterproof, you can surround the wine bottle with ice. Your friend will use the sailcloth wine bag again and again whenever they want to transport a cold bottle.

Recycled sailcloth wine bags are fantastic for anyone who wants to bring a cold beverage with them in style, whether it's water, wine or something else. We have a variety of recycled sailcloth wine bags available in different styles, including white, clear and white, and several colors. Bring your favorite vintage with you to the beach and enjoy a relaxing sunset with a nice, cold glass. 

Please feel free to contact us at Breakwater Blue if you have any questions.

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