Reusable Straws

Many people prefer to sip drinks from a straw, but the unfortunate truth is that disposable plastic straws are terrible for the environment. However, you can still sip away in style with our reusable, eco-friendly straws!

Handmade by Simply Straws in California, these straws are BPA-free, hypoallergenic and non-porous. They're also dishwasher and microwave safe and come with a straw cleaner. They're both hot and cold approved so you can use them with any beverage (but as always, be careful drinking a hot beverage with a straw).

Straws actually have several benefits, as they help protect your teeth from staining and erosion caused by certain acidic drinks like coffee and tea. People with sensitive teeth also often prefer to drink from straws, as the straw allows the liquid to bypass the teeth. Now with reusable straws, you can continue to drink in comfort without producing waste and harming the environment. Plus, you can get a case and bring your straw anywhere!

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Single Straw Set with Cleaner
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Single Straw Set with Case and Cleaner
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Twin Straw Set with Cleaner
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Straw Sleeve
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