Red and Black Stars- Beach Wristlet
Red and Black Stars Wristlet

Red and Black Stars- Beach Wristlet

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Part Number:WS0104SR
  • Made from Recycled Sails:Handmade from the shores of Gloucester, MA
  • Machine Washable:Machine wash and line dry
  • Dimensions:6"h x 9"w (the beach wristlet)
  • Design Features::Secure zipper enclosure, Red and Black Stars
  • Uses::Wristlet, purse
  • Water Resistant:Perfect the beach party or summer night out

Red and Black Stars - Wristlet

Perfect for a beach vacation or even a night on the town. Great storage and durability makes this pouch perfect for your next getaway or just a weekend running errands. 

• Features Red and Black Stars

• Large zipper 

• Machine wash, line dry


6"h x 9"w

Our sail bags are hand stitched of local recycled sails by Again and Again out of Gloucester, MA.  Each bag is unique not just in design but in cloth as well depending on each sails nautical experience.

-Kevlar and Dacron (sail cloth) are extremely durable however do not biodegrade well.  By purchasing this bag you are taking your part in keeping our landfills clean.

Purchase one of sail cloth totes to complete the package.

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