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Posted by 3dcart on 5/11/2018

Breakwater Blue is a Massachusetts-based retailer of eco-friendly apparel, recycled sailcloth bags, and nautical bracelets, founded in 2013. They announced today that their online store's visibility on search engines is seeing a consistent increase of site visitors thanks to the SEO and other services of 3dcart, the best eCommerce platform for SEO.

Breakwater Blue sells fashionable recycled sailcloth bags in all sizes, home accessories, comfortable nautical apparel, and attractive jewelry with a seafaring style. Knowing they had a great message to spread, Breakwater Blue sought to increase their reach to find new customers who would appreciate the nautical theme of their products as well as their environmentally-conscious nature. The company's eco-friendly mission comes through in their choice of recycled materials and direct donations to ocean cleanup efforts.

"We are not just a retail store. The items we sell are sold to help keep our Earth and oceans clean," explains Barbara Lynch, Breakwater Blue's founder. "We sell products that mean something. Our clothing line gives back 5% of their sales to ocean cleanup. Our sailcloth bags and pillows keep retired boat sails out of our landfills, providing every customer with a truly unique product. As a company, we also host beach cleanups on a monthly basis, which is where our bracelets come into place. The 4Ocean bracelet is made of 100% recycled glass bottle beads threaded over reused plastic bottles.”

Barbie Lynch sought out to spread awareness to a larger customer base and connect with environmentally-minded consumers who appreciate handmade items that last. Their company likes to connect with other businesses who also strive for ocean and land conservation. With this purpose in mind, Barbara decided to turn to the SEO experts at 3dcart, the eCommerce platform that powers Breakwater Blue's online store.

3dcart's SEO is paying off. Barbara is pleased with the efforts of 3dcart's SEO team in securing a higher search engine ranking for Breakwater Blue and its unique products. "[3dcart's SEO services] help me to consistently keep bringing my site to a more visible state and spreading our eco-friendly philosophy," she says. "We are looking forward to increasing sales and sharing what we are passionate about with like-minded people while continuing to grow as a company that stands for the environment."

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