Mom of the Month: January

Posted by Barbie Lynch on 1/16/2018 to Mom of the Month
Michelle McKenna
Michelle is a mom of 3 children ages 6, 4, and 7 weeks. She lives in Hingham, a coastal New England town in Massachusetts. Michelle has also been one of the faces of Breakwater Blue for 2017 and we can't wait to see more of her for 2018.

Interview with our January Mom of the Month

What do you like to do on the weekends with your family?  

Since the week is busy and packed with work, school and actives, we love to just hang out and keep it simple. Whether it is playing in the backyard, riding bikes around the neighborhood or grabbing a pizza and catching up with friends.

If you had a superpower what would it be? 

Besides being able to duplicate myself so that I could get everything done ;) I would love to have the ability to freeze objects, people, and events with one gaze. This way I could take another moment to enjoy precious moments in life.

What would people be most surprised to learn about you?  

I am related to a famous French Chef, Auguste Escoffier (Escoffier is my maiden name), but I am not a very good cook!

If you had a day all to yourself, what would you do? 

I would start my day by taking an early morning walk through Boston. I would find a comfy chair in my old neighborhoods coffee shop and catch up on some reading. Followed by a walk in the Common to people watch and then off to a relaxing treatment at a spa!

What is your favorite thing to do at the beach? 

Watch my kids run, laugh, discover and have fun! 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? 

I would love to go to France! 

If you could give one piece of advice to a new mom what would it be?  

To trust your gut and be strong in your convictions. It's so easy as a new mom to get wrapped up in others advice and overwhelmed by all the information out there. Every child is so different and only you know whats best for your baby and family.