Maris Sal Bracelets

Beads, knots, ropes, and anchors come together in a timeless expression of nautical style with Maris Sal bracelets, handmade in Sweden with love. For every bracelet sold, Maris Sal donates a portion of the proceeds to the World Wildlife Fund and other organizations with a lasting reputation for conservation efforts that help to save our oceans and wildlife. Breakwater Blue is proud to offer these gorgeous, environmentally-conscious bracelets in our catalog!

Maris Sal bracelets are available in an assortment of styles and colors. All materials are waterproof and include waterproof cord, stainless steel, or highest-quality brass (depending on design). Any sailor knows the importance of knots and how symbolic they can be to those who live a nautical lifestyle, so some Maris Sal bracelets use knots as a design element. Combined with Maris Sal's iconic anchor clasps, each bracelet brings an authentic seafaring feel to your everyday style.

Maris Sal bracelets are one of our favorite ways to bring the sea with us everywhere we go, from a day at the beach to a downtown cocktail party. Check out each bracelet to see the different colors available, and you're sure to find one that matches your personality.