Brant Point Blue Dog Waste Bag
Brant Point Blue Dog Waste Bag

Brant Point Blue Sail Dog Waste Bags

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Brant Point Blue -Nautical Dog Waste Bag
Made from Weather Resistant Sails 

Woof and Set Sail! Every nautical pup needs to look the part. Our Nautical Dog Waste Bags are a perfect addition to best friends style.  Clip right on to your sail leash and collar and your furry friend is ready to go in any weather.

-Made from weather resistant sails 
-Sturdy Metal Clasp that clips perfectly to our leashes
-Comes with one eco-friendly set
-Features a Blue Zipper with Red Zig Zag Stitching
-Machine Washable - to keep your pup looking fresh (put in pillowcase to wash)

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