Blue, Orange and White Wine Carrier
Blue, Orange and White Wine Carrier

Blue, Orange and White Beverage Gift Bags-made from recycled sails

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Custom Only -Please allow 1-2 weeks for a new custom bag to be made for you.
Part Number:164
  • Made from Recycled Sails:Handmade from the shores of Gloucester, MA
  • Machine Washable:Machine wash and line dry
  • Dimensions:7.5" W x 15" H (beverage carrier)
  • Design Features::Made from recycled sails, water resistant, just add ice
  • Uses::Hostess gift, Thank you gift
  • Water Resistant:Just add Ice and your beverage of choice -Perfect the beach party or summer night out

Blue, Orange and White Beverage Gift Bag

Made from Recycled Sails

Our Beverage Gift Bag is a perfect way to bring wine/beer with you to the beach or a friends house. Throw the bottle in and pack ice around it and Voila! Ice cold beverage without the mess of the water seeping through. This bag also makes a perfect gift bag when looking to give that friend a little something extra.

Made from recycled sail cloth and keeps drinks cold in style!

-Blue, Orange and White Carrier with Green Handles

-Just add ice and your off to your next adventure

-Durable sail cloth material to keep items secure and dry

-Machine wash, line dry


7.5" W x 15" H

Our sail bags are hand stitched of local recycled sails by Again and Again out of Gloucester, MA.  Each bag is unique not just in design but in cloth as well depending on each sails nautical experience.

-Kevlar and Dacron (sail cloth) are extremely durable however do not biodegrade well.  By purchasing this bag you are taking your part in keeping our landfills clean. 

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