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Recycled Sail Bags, Nautical Apparel & Home Decor

Welcome to Breakwater Blue, your unique destination for environmentally-friendly nautical apparel, and accessories! Whether you like to sail, surf, or simply relax on the beach, we're here to help you celebrate your love for the ocean in style. With 5% of proceeds donated to the National Marine Life Center in Bourne, MA (marine rehabilitation center) each purchase made at Breakwater Blue is not only good for our oceans but the amazing animals that live within them.

We believe in keeping discarded trash away from the ocean and out of the landfill, so our recycled sail bags are the perfect expression of renewing these materials for a new purpose. Shop a wide variety of totes and accessory bags handmade from genuinely weatherworn, recycled sailcloth. Our sail bags are durable, machine-washable, and perfect for your needs. Go for a stroll in town or plan a day at the beach! The handles are comfortable and won't dig into your shoulder after just a few minutes. They're attractive and affordable, designed in a range of sizes and shapes for different uses for every member of your family.

Our eco-friendly apparel is available in designs for men and women and includes sweaters, hats, sweatshirts, tees, tank tops and more, so you can show your love for the beach no matter the weather! Hand-pressed block printing means every design is unique and no two items are exactly alike.

Some of our nautical bracelets and home accessories are made from recycled materials and offer another way to show your love for the sea. The 4ocean bracelets are made from 100% recycled plastic and glass from beach cleanups; each purchase helps fund the removal of one pound of trash from our oceans. 

Our bracelets look great on anyone and with any outfit, whether you'll be enjoying a salty and sandy beach day or an indoor gathering with friends. Decorate indoor and outdoor spaces with sailcloth pillows and nautical lightswitch covers.

Please, take a look around and discover our lovely nautical products and our eco-friendly philosophy. We're sure you'll find something that speaks to you!

Message from the Founder

Breakwater Blue believes in keeping our environment clean. We can't keep using items and pretend they "go away," they don't. Each of our pieces is environmentally friendly. Recycling old items and turning them into something beautiful and renewed, or producing an item that is friendly to our environment and ocean is what we are all about.

I have always loved the ocean! As a child on warm sunny days jumping waves at the beach and now cruising on the boat or surfing with my family. Nautical life is truly me! I hope to share my love for the sea through each of my pieces.

-Barbie Lynch | Owner

Barbie Lynch - CEO